Hip Repair

with Allie Valtakis
Having big, fluid isolations is all about healthy hips. In Hip Repair with Allie V., I will use my R.M.S. Method to guide you through an exploratory sequence that will release stiffness from your hip joints. Mobilize the joint in all directions, and strengthen it to keep you injury free. We will also support the low back and abs to give you a complete makeover to your belly dance posture. Your mayas will be big and fluid. Your shimmies will be bouncy and consistent. Your locks will be sharp and safe!

  • About Our Instructor

    I’m Allie Valtakis! I love moving bodies! There is nothing more important to me than helping clients and students feel good in their bodies. I use gentle movement pathways and exercises to help even the most timid beginner feel safe and successful when moving. I know what it’s like being that timid beginner. I came from a life-long background of sedentary hobbies. It wasn’t until I found belly dance that I became inspired by movement. Because I wasn’t shown the gentle, safe ways my body needed to move, I wound up injured and in pain. Now I specialize in helping folks rehab and prehab their pain so they can get back to moving in all the ways we love! Certified by NASM, Level 1 Dance Therapeutics, Integrated Dance, and in Movement Therapy. I’ve been belly dancing for 14 years and been a personal trainer for three years.

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Event Date 01-22-2022 11:00 am
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