Viva Brazil Festival


Celebrate with us the vibrant music and dance of Brazil. Five shows across Denver, Boulder, and Loveland, along with dance workshops. Our cast of 20 + musicians and dancers will perform popular dances of African, European and Indigenous origins culminating in an extravaganza of Samba from Rio de Janeiro’s carnival.


Special opportunities for you to connect directly with our stars! Check out our events on the reverse side!

Cultural Exchange

Featuring world class samba dancers from Rio de Janeiro expressing a part of the Brazillian culture. Includes a “family friendly show at the historic Rialto Theater in Loveland. Bring your children to experience another culture.


We are uniting communities through song and dance! A portion of the proceeds will be donated toward the building of a children’s soccer field for the Fuini-O Tribe of Aguas Belas in Permanbuco – Brazil.

Shows & Tickets

Viva Brazil ~ Gala Night

October 3rd @ 7pm
Museo de las Americas
861 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO
(ends at 11pm)

Viva Brazil ~ Boulder

October 4th @ 8pm
The Nomad Playhouse
1410 Quince Ave
Boulder, CO

Viva Brazil ~ Loveland

October 5th @ 3pm “Family Friendly” & 7pm “Traditional”
Rialto Theater Center
228 E 4th St
Loveland, CO



Viva Brazil ~ Denver

October 6th @ 7pm
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance
119 Park Ave W
Denver, CO
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