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September 19, 2020

11AM – 12:30PM Mountain Time


Your Arms & Your Hands – The Complete Picture

$20.00 before September 1
$25.00 September 2 -19
Workshop Details
Think fluid-float-flow and sharp-strong-sexy. What are those limbs often forgotten in belly dance? Oh yeah, those arms and hands. Phoenix utilities visualization and exercises to focus on incorporating the arms and hands for a complete picture. The technique and drills include strength, movement, transition, position, framing, highlighting, poses and awareness. In addition to movement, Phoenix includes ways to match the energy and shape of the movement using the whole body for a complete picture. Take the time to focus on what often separates the pretty picture from the distractions or the same old-same old. Join Phoenix to give your arms and hands their own special class and combos.

Bio: Dynamic and dramatic., Phoenix is an acclaimed belly dance artist with a stage presence that is as unique as it is diverse. Based in Colorado, she performs and teaches nationally while directing the Sharaqa Shimmers Performance Troupe and teaching regular classes in Denver metro area. Phoenix’s signature style is a pastiche of Egyptian and Turkish Cabaret, spiritual dance, and fusion style. Her precise technique and rich musicality as well as her deep understanding of body mechanics has made her a superlative instructor. In addition to training in dance, she is an RN specialized in neurological and spinal injury rehabilitation. Phoenix is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of belly dance by teaching, performing and sponsoring events. Also check out her Isis Wings with Phoenix Internationally release DVD and Dancing from Within innovative deck of belly dance class/exercise cards. Her passion for this beautiful form of self-expression is evident in every move she makes!

October 17, 2020

12PM – 1:30PM Mountain Time


Secrets of the Silk

$20.00 before October 1
$25.00 October 2-October 17
Workshop Details
Fabulous Flying and Framing with essential technique to romance your VEIL while dancing! Combinations with clear details on timing and transitions including travel, turns, naughty-veil problem resolution and catching the Magic Moments! 3 Yard Rectangular Veil required, Zils to be added at the end!

Bio: Mesmera’s charisma is graced by spirited passion, articulate precision, dazzling costumes and her signature melodic cymbal artistry. Although known for fiery Belly Dance Fusion and Snakedance, it’s her mesmerizing Classic American Cabaret artistry that launched her success. A gifted instructor, she provides detail and clarity which has generated several Superstars, inspired dozens of teachers and decades on enthusiastic dancers.

Featured in “TIME”, “InStyle”, “People” magazines and “L.A. Weekly’s Best of LA”, Mesmera spun her veils through 5,000 Bellygrams for LiveWires, then began booking private parties, Hollywood Celebrity Events and entertaining the the world’s rich and famous. Her Film/TV credit, sponsored Seminars and 30 years as Premiere Dancer at the palace-like Dar Maghreb Moroccan Restaurant has made her a legend. Her FabFriday Dinner Showcases there, plus producing live music events, drum circles, her Award-Winning Vidoes, judging 25 years for BDUC and directing her troupes, has refiner her expertise. Extra exciting is her Belly Dance Travel Itineraries in Africa, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, Crete, Turkey, Argentina, Portugal and recently RX: Beauty in Costa Rica!

November 14, 2020

11AM – 12:30PM Mountain Time


Connect the Dots – Seamless Transitions for Taksim and Choreos

$20.00 before November 1
$25.00 November 2-14
Workshop Details
It's those in between spaces, the little breaths, hyphens, commas, exclamation points....the moves between the moves.

Transitions are the connective tissue that bring it all together into a fluid and polished dance! It's the transitions that show that a dancer is connected to the music, not just going through the motions and hoping it lines up.

Do you sometimes feel stuck or out of ideas? Rafi'ah will show you how to really listen, feel the music and let your body to tell you what to do next.

Using specific combos and exercises, you will learn to fill the spaces and shift gears between the rhythm, melody and tempos with ease. Come away with new tools and combos, a deeper connection to the music and the confidence to create a smooth and flowing dance.

Bio: Rafi'ah combines the grace and sophistication of Egyptian dance with her background other dance forms to create a striking uniquely and creative style that touches your soul.

A sought after instructor with over 30 years of experience, she shares her wealth of knowledge in local, and national workshops, classes, and retreats. Her choreographies, performed by her beautiful and skilled dancers, are revered by audiences far and wide. She produces events and showcases for community dancers, with live music whenever possible.

Rafi'ah has an extraordinary menu of teachings derived from a lifetime of dancing, meditative movement, immersion in Sufi practices, whirling, and body centered healing arts.

As a performer, her presence and interpretation, whether to recorded or live music, takes you into the essence of this art form and the magic in her heart. "Rafi'ah translates music virtually to perfection, Her ability to mold to the music, convey all parts of it deeply and then finish with a look of ultimate lightness and liquidity is a visual treat"-Jareeda Magazine 2001.

She inspires, ignites, and believes that dance, music, and the arts bring healing to the world and connect us in ways that words cannot.

January 16, 2021

10AM – 11AM Mountain Time

Sandi Shakti

From Planning to Performance

$20 before January 1
$25 after January 2-16
Workshop Details
Join Sandy Shakti in a choreographed dance journey empowering each of us in the art of personal and community development. Upon signing up and committing to this journey Sandy will meet you in the Zoom Room 1/16/21 10-11am for an initial practice session and to get a glimpse at our costuming, if you're unable to make this initial session you can still join us for the project. Videos breaking down the combos will be sent for you to practice with and there will be plenty of time to ask questions via email or our FaceBook group. As we get closer to SWAY 2021 we will have one Saturday practice and one Saturday crafternoon as needed to make sure we are all on the same costuming path and to snack together! The day of the performance we will spend blocking and tightening up our dance. Please reach out to Sandy with any questions or concerns .

Bio: As a maker and creator Sandy enjoys the challenge that lies within the subtle art of alchemy! She is a founding member of Tribe Sidysaan, a transcultural belly dance & performing art group located in Greeley, CO who are known for their unique and creative costumes and shows. Sandy has been exploring the art of belly dance for nearly fourteen years and enjoys dressing up, dancing, teaching and encouraging others along the way! In addition to training in dance, Sandy is a highly skilled and sought-after somatic yoga and mindfulness teacher with nearly 20 years of experience and is Physical Education faculty teaching yoga, dancing and mindfulness meditation.

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